The Forgotten Song

Visits only when I waft
Walking mountain trails
Wandering aimlessly
Or lying in the sun
The moment I pick a wildflower
It was there yesterday
In the midst of fishing pursuits
Flowing within the waters

Its the forgotten song
The only one
Not yet written
Just whistled or hummed

Its the forgotten song
My peace of mind
Like a visiting friend
Sure to come again

Whilst rocking in a train
And on the way to mail pick-ups
Buying at the markets
And weeks ago in the bus
I can try to remember
Notes by whistling
But its a special friend
To appear only from silence

Its the forgotten song
Of standing alone
But shining upon
These days of Tusnad gold

Its the forgottern song
Flowing in the wind
Appearing as a leaf
And falling unseen from above

Sitting on top a mountain
With endless views and air
The mind now in flower
Not even the slightest care
The sun making my shoulders drop
A tune lassoed with mental rope
Of sitting in train stations
And staring out into space

Its the forgotten song
The forever one
Feigning but flowing
But never staying

Its the forgotten song
An eternal friend
Coming now but never then
To be captured by paper and pen

Its the forgotten song
Of fluid mind
And waving wand
Of the here, now and yet beyond