Thinking of You

Just rocking the night away
Lying in the darkness
Staring out the window
With no-one close by
The clicking of the tracks

I'm thinking of you
I'm thinking of you
Asleep on rainy days
thetouch of your skin
I'm thinking of you

Of passionate Fridays
And speeding through coral waters
The rocking of a boat
And walks amongst the giant karris
And collecting wildflowers

Of walks late at night
To visit a mystical tree
Talking of our worlds
You and me three
and wandering, just wondering

And I begin to dream
Of what we've become
So many miles between
Lives so passionate
Just wafting over you

Of crossing paths late at night
Me in yours and you in mine
Sacrificial trees at the gathering of greens
And gardens of ours
How long will it be?