Rarest Beauty

The beauty of her innocence
skin deep as the needle plunged
a direct line to her heart and soul
childhood of tossed salad

Garnished with a richness
sour with a poverty to come
what price must the human soul pay
crimes against it unknown

Bound by wants reaching further than greed
following her needs for any price
days passed living in that peaceful utopia
a warmth inside and serenity

Strength within her four walls and yet
a world splashed and splayed in abstract colours
screaming clowns and seething crowd
a solitary human juggling

The desire to create and bloom
yet a mind bound in barbed wire
black, demorilised and charred
like a solitary fence post

Cutting into her self
obscenitities that no human should bare
her creativity a frail attempt to escape
linking with reason

How helpless you must have been
our sorrows now we show our love, our pain
what of yours, why weren't we told
didn't we hear your screams

But now the pounding devastation of the fire passes
a disturbed peace in the unconscious
trur peace now
the rarest of beauty.