Blankets of Dust

Their silence
motionless and helpless
while around
commerce and people traffic
the smells of success

Their beds
cardboard thin
blankets of dust
sheets of white noise
theyre bare

Except for each other
four huddled together
forgiven to forget
just lying there
nobody seems to care

An old women stops
she stares long
studies each one
and wants to help
but also struggles

Shakes her head
leaving behind
the forgotten
few of so many
safe in sleep

........and later.....

The stallowner gives
a bottle of water
shower for the week
cuts his hair
gives new life

He's smiling
motions of dance
a wag for sure
will to survive
no choice

He boards the metro
everyone knows
small but unseen
dirty and unkept
new shaven head

He's singing
about what
for pleasure
or the pains
of hunger

His hand goes out
eyes focus outside
trying to forget
lost souls!
endless plight

He plays the escalator
smokes and spits
fights with friends
their simple games
their lives

I'm eating
he's crouched
quiet but pleading
no movement
not a word

I'm walking
he's incapable
useless feet
just waiting

Ten lei
just two cents
a loaf of bread
a lifetime to come

I look into his eyes
the depth is eternity
I'm falling, tumbling, turning
weightlessness in the space
desperation seen through
eyes lowered
spirit grasping