Streaming from the wall
the waterfall
can you see past the mist and roar
demanding your attention
on closer inspection
theres a lot more here
than meets the ear

Beyond all sound another world
multi layered pools
droplets and trickles
raniny wash all around
theres life below the thunder
shaking the ground

The whirlpool of green
lining the sides
jungle lined tub
centre and hub
the birthplace and soul
water on the roll.......waterfall, waterfall, water........

Butterfly squiggles in the whirlpool of green
cricket choir and one note drone
in the thickest of air
cut it with a knife
squeeze it dry

Distant whip cracks
flurry of feather
the ground stands firm
trees to the ready
alert and steady
rolling grey tummy
cant hold back anymore
surging flow with no remorse