Another Beautiful Day in Paradise

The adventists and leftists
An poetry and motion
Shaved head good karma
did voodoo and drama

Sugars and sport
All lead to naught
An Morman and Sharman
Were all too alarming

Tried a real job
respectable life
just bought strife
an nearly a wife

every new angle
tried to be orange
didn't rid the problem

Went vegetarian
sniffed at Anglican
went off travelling
joined the line again

Hiding on an island
Just bumped into myself
Nothing else
Juist me

Genetics to Marx
Partied and laughed
read Engels remarks
just furthered the task

Studied the stars
turned up the cards
tried martial arts
rebirth and the charts

Went al-ter-nate
for just a moment
tried being hippie
just good for the 60's

Then New Age
Rock n Roll the rage
all the world a stage
left me exposed in my cage

Looked at the press
couldn't believe the mess
fast food and relaxation
casused a bad reaction

Did meditation
friend rotation
eastward motion
looked at Darwins notion

Gazed at mountains
studied zen
just got off
at the next station

Had a balance diet
became a junk food client
An any girl

Tried chanelling
Health and swimming
fashion and image
big market scrimmage

Changed methodology
stapled scientology
yoga and crystals
mystics but missed it all

Hiding on an island
Just bumped into myself
Nothing else......Juist me