Its Me

By the ocean is my place to be
the ocean calms and totally free
its me, that rolling foam
boiling, afloat and inner strength
of the freedom to roam

This pool of life thats there
and the virgin that is the air
its rare, they tear at my being
to return to what I am
and only then will I start seeing

Aghast I look around
there are others who are bound
part of a crowd, to gather, soak and swirl
sometimes near but in the distance
my focus is at a girl

But only momentary
my eyes are a bottle full of sherry
they're heavy, a warmth in my eyelids
remembering happy days playing in the sandpit
free from thounght and just a kid

The thud, the power of her surge
she washed up like a sea urchin
its urgent, yet time seems stilted
standing there my feet below the ground
ankles surfaced and wet

A gull whisper by
secret message tellingme why
a sigh, as all thoughts slowly melt away
the rythm of this life
is day by day, a warming ray

Time notches wave by wave
I've got it now no longer a slave
I waver, between softness and an intensity
that is the wave and the wash
gnawing away at the city

Then the moment is gone!