Wild Flower

The wildflower is as strong as it is free
Foe the moment I'm happy to let it be
Its firm in all too common ground
Roots that can hold it down
I sit and watch it move with the breeze
My heart goes to it with such ease
Leaves that provide a special touch
I'll lose all reservation but not as much
As I need before I'll relax
Enough to be rid of burdens, other tax
The stalk so straight, strong and thin
Touching it gently thinking of next akin
Before the petals a type of mess
Why its here theres no need to guess
The bud is moulded to unique form
I look and feel and know its warm
The heart is complex, of unique design
I want to look closer not knowing what I'll learn
My relaxation tells me I'm comfortable here
I lay on the ground the flower very near
Looking now I take one last glance
My mind drifting off into a happy dance
I look across to draw strength from the wildflower
I look around and there stands a wild flower