The Track

The beginning as distant as the end
To start is how, but when
Our first steps taken as we leave life behind
Now our senses strengthen, and in the mind
The load is heavy but the strength is there
We have all we need, a house on our back, love and care
The road rolls and then divides
Which to taske or should we stop and hide
Divided but do we care
Our minds are strong and full of wares
Eyes scan out around us
Nothing stirs here, theres no fuss
Every stride for distance gives smaller return
Muscle ache with insight now we learn
Should we just stop or search for more
By what are we governed, what law
Higher we go toward the unknown peak
Wouldn't it be easier were we just sheep
Another rise, another hill
Steeper, further until
Our track loses width becoming just a path
What test now we sayk, with a laugh
The beginning for behind and the end unseen
From what did I come, where had I been
The snake of life with its ups and downs
A potent roller coaster that does its rounds
But why does it have to shed its load
Onto the backs of those travelling its road
What does it mean that dark rolling cloud
The exterior soft but the feeling is loud
Camp is made and shelter given
Come now wind and rain we won't be driven
Darkness settles over our height
The fire telling us stories of the night
The sounds of the silence that surround us
Feelings of observing street conversations from a bus