Richard Cormier

Romantic dreaming insights extraordinaire
Sacrificial lamb to the higher place
Beaming off to Pelevo outer space
Just dare
Free thinker
Place your mind on the big knife alter
Offerings to an inner movie show
You're the star
Not onlooker
Real scare
Heh! heh! heh!
The flow of blood is just enough
Wrong show but real life ambience
But be aware
Take only a share
The depth of mind a vast coral ledge
Coloured and washed by all the currents
Beware emotions
Judgemental notions
Fads and fashions
Governments of nations
But you seek to be wise
A lifetime to thirty has uncovered all disguise
Lower gear
Another year
There's a million spheres
Why not just peer
Remember, take a leaf
Look at Germaine Greer