The Body

They seem too many
To have individual names
Bobbins of shaven heads
I call them the body
Buckled tightly to the system
Kept unseen, unknown

Shaven heads
Bearing smiles
Pleading for the need to love
They touch the hair on my arm
Stroke it long
For time is short

Videos of violence
America their dream
Freedom and jewels
Such falacies
But it doesn't matter
Sedative for their minds

The abode is for prisoners
Children and games seem lost
In the aura of doom
Concrete illuminations
Asphalt soft from heat
Half moon soccer ball

They ask where I'm from
How long I'll stay
Holding, grasping my hand
Smiling to please me
Pleading my attention
Tricks with stones

And scanning the collective face
I see the signs
They're beaten
My senses churn red

And in the morning I leave
Another goodbye
Friends so fickle
Trust so delicate
Eyes fade
One boy juggles
..................standing alone.