"Doing more for music, than Bach did for plumbing".... so our sticker said!

Formed by Peter Keelan and Mark Cain, the group had its humble beginnings in two different states; Mark in Perth making thong-o-phones and Peter in Adelaide making pan pipes.

Over a four year period they built a unique orchestra of musical instruments made from plumbing and electrical pipe. They toured, held workshops and collaborated with differing artforms.... contemporary dancers (Still Moves Dance Laboratory), costume designers, painters, circus, lighting designers and a vast array of musicians from world, classical, electronic jazz and rock backgrounds. The musicians who performed with the group were Aiden D'Adehmar, Ron Reeves, Paul Tanner, Chris Waite, Pepe, Raman, Andrew Raymond, Dipaunka Macrides, Gary Ridge, David Pye, Kerry Fletcher

The instrument collection included pan pipes, didgeridoo, thong-o-phones, A-frame marimba, saxophones, flutes of every description, cuica, drums (including rondrum, bombodrum, Sir Rondrum... a huge bass drum, octobands, monkey drum, tablas, datdrum, tubedrums and talking drums) thongchen, trigeridoo, basinet, dance-o-phone, chordo, whirlies, horns, trombone, tronduuu.

AC-PVC (Mark Cain, Peter Keelan and Ron Reeves) recorded a cassette, Underground Phenomenon, in 1989 with the following pieces on it:

They also did two Perth ABC Radio live to air broadcasts and recordings in 1990.