Greens Pool The Musical and the Whole of Community Initiative to have Greens Pool as a fish habitat protection area

Below is some light reading which underpins these efforts...

Guidelines for the Establishment of a Fish Habitat Protection Area

Speargun Control Act

Denmark tourism statistics

Walpole Marine Park Plan

William Bay National Park Recreation Master Plan Executive Summary

Climate Literacy Booklet 2009

Recreational Fishing 2011

Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve

Communicating Reserve Science to Diverse Audiences

The Efficacy of Sanctuary Areas for the Management of Fish Stocks and Biodiversity in WA Waters

The Economics of Marine Protected Areas

Department of Fisheries Annual Report 2008/09

Community Attitudes to Marine Sanctuaries

Assemement of Southwest Marine Sancturies

The Role of Marine Sanctuaries in Marine Planning

Submissions to Fisheries Documents 2009 [10Mb]

Marine Reserve Size and Eastern Blue Gropers

Marine Reserve Size and Western Blue Gropers

Fish Count 2007

National Park Visitor Numbers 2005 - 2015

Proposed Habitat Protection Area

Fisheries Management Act

Another Day In Paradise
by Gordon Harris

Introduction [165Kb]: Coversheet, Foreword, Introduction, Table of Contents

Part 1a [778Kb] William Bay: Location, Early History, Explorers, Graziers, Group Settlement Scheme, Places and Names

Part 1b [1.1Mb] William Bay: William Bay District (includes anecdotal history), Railway to Nornalup, Fishing Industry, Development Proposals

Part 1c [1.2Mb] William Bay: Features and Attractions, Fish and Other Sea Life, Coastal Birds, Petrified Forest, Disasters

Part 1d [873Kb] William Bay: Reflections on William Bay, Further Reflections, Unusual 'Finds'

Part 2 [1.2Mb] William Bay National Park

Part 3 [1.7Mb] William Bay National Parks Association Inc.

Appendices [2.8Mb]: Constitution, Committees, Presidents' Reports

Appendices [1.7Mb] (continued): Biodiversity Studies

Appendices [445Kb] (continued): Saltwater Treasures Monitoring, Bird List, Fish Inventory, Fauna List, Walks and Field Trips, Talks

Appendices [884Kb] (continued): Geology, Topography, Fungi, Dieback, Funding/Grants

Acknowledgements [93Kb]: Acknowledgements, Bibliography

Our appreciation to Gordon Harris for loaning us this written history of Greens Pool as a major resource underpinning this project.

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