Peter Keelan is an adventurer, humanitarian and 'ideas man'... director, producer, filmmaker, musician, sound engineer and community artist, with a wealth of local and international experience.

His professional experience is across the spectrum of community development and professional arts practice, from producing projects, including all aspects of budgeting, personnel management, logistic and production to creating project concepts and implementing the process through to fruition.

In 2000 he was awarded the two year Australia Council for the Arts Fellowship, for his work within community development, to travel the world and collaborate with musicians in Africa, South America, Romania and the Solomon Islands. It was in this year away that he made his first film, The Pan People Project. He co-composed and recorded all the music, filmed, photographed, edited and produced a one and a half hour documentary, as his first foray into filmmaking. This film premiered at The Dreaming Festival in Queensland in 2009.

Since then he has been commissioned to make documentaries for Tura New Music (touring world class Indian classical musicians and dancers), two films for the Mapoon Indigenous Rangers (Cape York) and the Christmas Island Big Fifty Celebrations (Australian Federal Government celebrating fifty years of the takeover of Christmas Island). He has also documented artist Cecile Williams creating ephemeral environmental artworks, the Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islands) international tours to Bahrain, Malaysia and Australia and the Denmark Festival of Voice 2010.

Filmmaking has also involved comedies, experimental, fantasy and most recently a creative multi-screen projection and live theatre performance The Rhythms of Life.

As a professional musician he has performed, toured nationally and internationally, composed and recorded, in a diverse array of projects and productions, including experimental to world fusion and contemporary collaborative work with dance, circus and theatre.

His principal musical instrument is the pan-flute though he plays a variety of other flutes, didgeridoo, berimbau, mouthbows, percussion, drums and his original and experimental 'new' musical instruments.

It is from his early pursuits in the visuals arts, as a painter and sculptor that his interest in experimental musical instrument making began. He has developed numerous original musical instruments, as well as experimenting to create an orchestra of instruments made of plumbing and electrical pipe with Mark Cain in the group AC-PVC.

As a contemporary composer and musical director he has credits in the area of film soundtracks, visual arts collaborations, music theatre, community music and arts projects, public art installation and a number of his own CD recordings.

Most recently he has directed Festivals (Fremantle Street Arts Festival, Denmark Festival of Voice 2008 and 2010) and numerous large scale outdoor and theatrical events, been commissioned to create public sculpture and continued with his passion for community development by bringing two musicians from Fiji to Australia and directing the Rhythms of Life project in Denmark.